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Your floor coverings should be cleansed at least once every twelve months. Preferably by skilled and experienced carpet cleaning professionals – like the ones we employ in Richmond. However, many people believe that vacuuming regularly is enough. It isn’t. Want to know why?

Only a small percentage of the dirt and grime in your carpet can be removed with a traditional vacuum cleaner. In fact, approximately 85% of the dirt is held deep within the pile. And it can only be extracted using our tried and tested hot water extraction and dry cleansing methods…

If this grime build-up is left unchecked it will decrease the quality of air within your home, and could even begin to affect your health. Prevent this from happening on your property by calling 02037465067 today. An experienced operator will take your call and ask you a few basic questions – what material is your carpet made of? What’s its current condition? And how large is it? You’ll get a FREE, no-obligation quote in return.

Prefer not to call? No problem. You can contact us online instead 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use Our Carpet and Rug Cleaning Because…

Over 97% of customers have said they would use us again and recommend us to their family and friends. Book our carpet and rug cleaning service in Richmond today and you’ll be guaranteed the following:

  • Specialist equipment that enables us to perform both expert hot water extraction and dry cleansing on your fabric
  • Powerful solutions which will remove all types of stains from your floor covering including make-up, wine, coffee, and much more
  • Booking slots that span every day of the week including weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Clear prices that contain no hidden fees whatsoever
  • An amazing discount when you combine this service with at least one other. Why not try our end of tenancy cleaning or after builders cleaning?
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Powerful solutions

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What Your Carpet Cleaning In Richmond Will Involve

You should know that as your carpet cleaners we can take care of all synthetic, wool, and organic carpets and rugs. The specific method we’ll use to cleanse your floor covering will depend on which of these materials its made of.

If your carpet is made of a natural fabric such as sisal or seagrass your technicians will use a dry cleansing method – an absorbing powder that’s been designed to attract dirt will be spread across your carpet. After a short period of time this powder will be vacuumed, and any grime will be removed at the same time. You can use your fabric as normal straightaway after the process has been completed.

If your carpet is made of a more robust fabric such as a synthetic blend or wool it will be treated with a process called hot water extraction. This technique is highly effective – a powerful solvent and hot water will be injected under high pressure deep into the pile of your fabric. This mixture will then be taken out by suction. The dirt and moisture within your carpet will be extracted with it. Bear in mind that the material will take about three hours to dry.

You’re Hiring Technicians Who Guarantee 100% Satisfaction!

How can we make this promise? By only employing the most highly trained of personnel – Friendly Maids Richmond performs thorough background checks before employing any member of staff. What’s more, they’ll be put through a strenuous training regime and assessed by a quality control supervisor on an ongoing basis.

Why do we do all this? Because you’re our number one priority!

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